Meet Ben Azadi


Hi, I’m Ben Azadi, the “Health Detective”. I’m a fat loss and health expert. I help clients whip their bodies into shape in the shortest time possible by creating transforming exercise and holistic nutritional fitness plans.

I’m on a mission to help 1 billion people on planet Earth. I want you to be one of them.


I was inspired to write this book because as I drive around my beautiful city of Miami, FL I see so many sick and overweight people in the streets. When I’m at the beach I can’t help but notice that most of the people there are overweight, obese; this is a common scene. It’s not anything like it’s portrayed on TV or in the movies. It’s not just my city, it’s an epidemic that has spread throughout my entire beloved United States of America.

I know that with the knowledge and experience I have acquired as a personal trainer and health coach, I could help every single sick person I see. I almost feel compelled to walk up to them and tell them straight up, “I can help you.”; Sometimes I do.

So I thought, what if I wrote a simple, easy to understand health booklet that summarizes the steps to take to achieve perfect health? What if I handed this book out instead of the business card; it would increase my chances of them holding on to it, maybe even reading it, and applying the information, and at the end of the day, changing their lives for the better. I’m getting jacked up and inspired just thinking about the reach this book can bring! Forgive me in advance for its simplicity; I have a mission to help one billion people over the course of my life. This small booklet will help me get closer to that number — not award-winning athletes or fitness professionals. The reality is, what I have created in health with my life and clients is very simple, and that is why it will work for you.
I want to help you reach perfect health, even add several years of quality life to your existence on Earth. If you believe that you deserve to be the person that has achieved the perfect health, then let’s do this.

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