When it comes to getting in shape and achieving perfect health, it’s not difficult once you understand the principles. What is difficult is actually doing it. I’m going to give you a simple tip here in this article that may sound so simple that you may not even try it; this would be a huge mistake because it can transform your health and increase your energy levels.

Here it is: wake up when the sun goes up and go for a 15 minute walk. When you get morning sun on your skin and through your eyes, amazing processes happen in the human body. Our hormones are synced with mother nature so when you follow this pattern you are in agreement with the way we were created.

When you wake up with the sun and go for that 15 minute walk, your cortisol (stress hormone) gets activated in a healthy way. This gives you energy to go out there and win the day. The sun rays also help your body naturally produce vitamin d; which is more than a vitamin but a steroid hormone. Most people are deficient in vitamin d! Your 15 minute walk will get your vitamin d level in the healthy range.

So get out there; take your dog for a walk. Take your partner. Listen to an audiobook or the sounds of your neighborhood. I promise you, this is a game changer for your health.

Watch this video as I break down the benefits of walking outside for 15 minutes each day.

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